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Voronitch in wintertime. State Memorial Historical and Literary Pushkin Open Air Museum Mikhailovskoye
  1. The reconstruction of St. George's Church   >>
  2. St. Nicolas Church reconstruction: project documentation development   >>
  3. The monument on Pushkin's grave; the gravestones of the Osipovs in the churchyard; historical gravestones in a village graveyard: the restoration   >>
  4. Running the Annual All-Russia Pushkin Poetry Festival   >>
  5. Sviatogorskaya Gallery. Starting a collection of Modern Art in Pushkinskie Gory Museum   >>
  6. Purchasing special equipment for the road maintenance   >>
  7. Purchasing 2 mini-buses for conferences, research visits, visiting artists, etc. (Mercedes, one for 21 people, the other for 8 people)   >>
  8. Developing a long-term plan and legislative documents for the conservation of the area of Pushkinskie Gory Museum and the Reserve land around it for 2007-2037   >>
  9. Running conferences   >>
  10. "Wooden Hut Village"   >>
  11. A hotel in Pushkinskie Gory town   >>
  12. Providing 5 well-equipped camping sites for the volunteers   >>
  13. "Great Artists in Pushkinskie Gory"   >>
  14. Pushkin Theatre Festival   >>
  15. Publishing a catalogue of Pushkinskie Gory Museum collection "Interiors, Objects, Books", 5,000 copies   >>
  16. "Pushkin in Mikhailovskoye": a gift album   >>
  17. Supporting students' practice periods   >>
  18. Inter-regional project for school visiting   >>
  19. Children's Center for Folk Crafts   >>
  20. Supporting Pushkinskie Gory Museum archaeological dig   >>
  21. Supporting Pushkinskie Gory Museum volunteers   >>
  22. Media Centre "Pushkinskie Gory"   >>
  23. Ecological issues in Pushkinskie Gory area   >>
  24. The birds of Pushkinskie Gory Museum   >>
  25. "In Mikhailovskoye". An Award in Literature (Three nominations: "Prose", "Verse", "Play")   >>
  26. Park benches   >>
  27. Memorial marble boards   >>
  28. Individual displays for the Museum collection in the Cultural Center   >>
  29. Special equipment for temperature/humidity control in the exhibition hall of the Cultural Center   >>
  30. Compiling a catalogue of typical village buildings in Pushkin period villages (Voronitch, Dedovtsi, Zimari)   >>
  31. The meadows around the Pushkinskie Gory Museum   >>
  32. "Artist's Shelter" in Dedovtsi village   >>
  33. Visitor's Information in the Pushkinskie Gory Museum   >>
  34. Tourist leaflets and maps   >>
  35. Creating an altar and purchasing a chandelier for St. George's Church in Voronitch ancient town   >>
  36. "100 Pushkin's trees"   >>
  37. Reconstructing Pushkin's time windmills   >>
  38. "Pushkin's Grove" (My own tree in Pushkinskie Gory)   >>
  39. Making models of historical settlements and estates that don't exist any more in the Museum of Local History   >>
  40. "Flowers and Herbs of Mikhailovskoye"   >>
  41. Annual sculpture workshop in Mikhailovskoye   >>

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